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    A trill of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro generated a tough interaction on social media between the presidential candidate who is running for the top position in the country under the Historic Pact and the commander of the Army General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro. Petro posted a tweet stating that certain (generally-ranking) officers “are on Clan’s payroll.”

    “While the soldiers are murdered by the Gulf Clan, some of the generals are on the Clan’s payroll. The politicians involved in drug trafficking are corrupting the leadership. Gustavo Petro spoke on social networks.

    General Zapateiro’s response

    This message provoked the Army commander to respond and he in six trills inquired of the presidential candidate regarding the statement.

    Gustavo Petro General Zapateiro said that “no one is more wounded than those who don camouflage and their families and their homelands, but their supreme sacrifice to the country should never be used as a part of political storylines for campaigns.”

    Francia Marquez did not deny that she owned two properties in Cali

    In a different announcement, the highest official spoke out about recent deaths of soldiers. “Since 2021, over 500 military personnel have been injured or killed in the execution of the mission. Their sacrifice was not recognized publicly, therefore there have been no announcements. It’s strange that the suffering and death of the heroes of our country is now being used to generate other manifestations.

    Gustavo Petro asked the army commander if he had any details about links between the generals and groups that were not under the law. Gustavo Petro gustavo petro If yes, he should make a complaint to the authorities.

    Gustavo Petro “Senator. You shouldn’t utilize your power of investiture (“parliamentary inviolability”) to attempt to use the death of our soldiers to make a political statement. Instead, fulfill your citizen responsibility of making a substantiated complain to the

    @FiscaliaCol The facts that you refer to, “whoever it is”, the general indicated. Then, he added a second note: “I remind that senators are part the same collective as drug trafficking politicians.” As as a citizen, I would suggest that you do not make generalizations. First, you must respect the rights of others”

    The most controversial statement of the official in charge was the fact that Colombians were able to see the current president candidate receive money “in a trash bag”.

    “I haven’t seen anyone receive money from untrusted money on television.” General Zapateiro said that Colombians have witnessed him receiving money in a trash bag.

    petro gustavo In the end, the official stated that “to this oldest institution of this nation, whose members have unconditionally upheld the democratic values of the nation for more than 200 years, even risking their own lives,” and required respect.